Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tortellini with Grape Tomatoes

Here's my lunch for tomorrow:

Well, half of it anyway. The other half is apples and grapes. I'm not sure if I'll reheat it or not (I don't think the plastic container is microwave safe) but either way it'll probably be good.

Okay, pretty much everyone knows how to make pasta in a hot pot, so that's what I did with my tortellini. After that was done, the tomatoes were harder. I poured a layer of olive oil onto the bottom of the hot pot, put some salt, oregano, and minced garlic onto that, and waited for it to heat up. The tomatoes took forever, but eventually I figured out that I could leave the tomatoes on the heating element and check at five-minute intervals and move them once they'd burst like good stewed tomatoes. Then I let them cook for a little longer, added in the tortellini and mixed it all up again. It took almost a whole hour, but it'll probably take a lot shorter next time considering I'll know what to do with the tomatoes and I have tortellini now in my freezer.

It was kind of funny, people walked by my hall and kept commenting on how this floor smelled like good food all the time.

If you want to make this on your own be very careful with the oil. I'm pretty sure hot pots are not made to cook oil and you don't want to start a fire.

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