Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grocery Shopping Week 1

Grocery shopping for this week:

Strawberries, sharp cheddar, granny smith apples, baby corn, koala cookies, tupperware, iced tea, olive oil, tortellini, grape tomatoes, minced garlic, and oregano ($34). Most of this is for my lunches this week -- well, pretty much all of it. Tonight I'm going to try to make some cold pasta. I'll post on that later.

Part of the experiment here is to see how long food will last, especially fresh fruit. Apples usually last quite a while. I'm not sure about the strawberries, but they'll probably all be eaten before they go bad. I still have some grapes from last week's shopping trip, and they still seem decent, but I don't want to keep them around for too much longer.

So, we'll see how this goes.

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